Tuesday, May 16, 2017


In My Dreams by Naomi A.

In my dreams
the world is small enough to fit
in my palm.
it is warm
and lush
and soft,
like the feeling of touching flower petals on a summer night.
it looks as if the earth is glowing from the cracks between my fingers.
and then,
so slowly,
impossible to notice at first,
tiny ribbons of gray slice across the forests.
they bridge the rivers
and pinpricks of harsh white light collect beside them.
smoke poisons the white clouds
the earth is no longer
or lush
or soft.
there is only rocky concrete
and sharp metal frameworks
that pierce the sky
and poke holes

in the delicate skin of my fingertips.

The Day That War Ends All by Dhruv B.

The day that war ends all
The day where nobody stands tall
The day when the grass is no longer green
But red from the machines

When we lose our care
For the earth we bare
Is the day we walk last
And all is forgotten, starting from the past

No more beauty, only pain
No more looking out through the window pane
No more life, no more love
No more light we could hold in a glove

When you look up to a sky so blue
And an ocean that opens up to swallow you
Found only here in the heart of our galaxy
Where we're the only one, the only ones who can see

See what only we have that is so special
If only we can see that it's so fragile
We have it for just a moment in time
To not share with our future is worse than a crime

The day we lose our care
Is the day we lose the earth we share
We must always work together and find a way
To make sure, that that day, is not today

Our World At Her Achilles Heel by Melory L.

Her body cracked
And shattered to pieces
Her silk blue gown torn little by little
And turned to ash

Now she remains vulnerable
For she has been broken down
By the ones who were to ensure her safety
Her life

She gave them life
As they drained hers
She gave them her all
But they knowingly turned their backs on her

Helpless and weak
A tear sheds from her eye
As she watches herself whither away
Her downfall historic
Yet by then there would be no history to tell

Saturday, April 22, 2017

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Alice in Wonderland by Maeve R.

Maeve told Wavelength, "Alice was always my favorite Disney character because of her curiosity and love of adventure. I feel I connect to her because I go on a lot of adventures, also with my sister."

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Fan Art by Campbell H-H

Campbell's art is inspired by Tatsuo, a character in Akira, an animated Japanese movie. She told Wavelength, "Fandoms inspires me. They show amazing art and stories through a different lens. They allow people to become someone they have always wanted to be be because if a character can do it, so can I"

Keeper of Lost Cities by Mellie B.

While Sophie and her friend Dex are being kidnapped for the first time by the Neverseen, another epic story was unfolding all the way in the heart of the Amazon jungle.

*  *  *

“Cam, wake up. I think I hear something coming,” Julius whispered, reaching down to shake the pride leader, Camomile. Julius, Camomile, and Jolie were the only three Tinkers on earth, and Jolie was a recent addition. The Tinkers were creatures that had the back, tail, and legs of cats, wings of birds, and human bodies from waist up.

Right now the three of them were wearing simple, Roman-style togas, cut short where their human bodies met their sleek, hard-muscled cat bodies. Cam had a lion’s body with sandy-colored wings and dark brown hair. Julius had a black-and-white coat with the same color wings and short, jet-black hair. Jolie had a white coat and wings, and beautiful blond hair. The Tinkers could make anything with their human hands, especially armor and creative weapons. Each Tinker had a specialty.

“Cam, whoever it is, they are getting closer!” Julius whimpered again, more urgently. Cam pulled herself up, struggling to wake up fully, and went over to Jolie.

“Wake up,” she whispered. She was worried that whatever this was was a threat, and she and Julius weren’t used to fighting with a third member, and Jolie wasn’t used to her new body yet.

But before Cam could do anything more, she felt the sharp sting of pain in her shoulder and she wheeled around to see dark, cloaked figures erupting from the thick foliage that surrounded them. Before she could do anything more, the figures had taken down Julius and Jolie and appeared to be tying them up. Then they turned towards her like a sea of raging waves. In the instant before she saw the silver dagger coming towards her, she saw something else on one of the attackers’ arms – a white, piercing eye – but it was forgotten when she felt more than saw the flash of a silver dagger arching its way right towards her chest. There was nothing she could do other than try to save herself so that she could come back later to save Julius and Jolie. But by then, who knew where they would be?

But now was not the time for speculation as she took a big leap, flapped her gigantic wings, taking off for the open sky. As a Tinker, she could fly at almost impossible speeds, and she used that ability now, the landscape below her blurring but to her horror, so was her vision as her shoulder wound was causing her to lose more and more blood. Just before the world turned black, she saw a distant glimmer of a huge, shining glass pyramid. But then she felt herself start a downward descent . . . TO BE CONTINUED . . .

Sonic Fan Fiction by Talis W.

Sonic is a video game and comic book franchise that Talis has been a fan of for about seven years!

A burst of wind shot through the forest. Yellow beams of energy struck trees and grassy hill. Robots moving at high speeds were shooting through the shrubbery, trying to blast the speeding blue streak. Suddenly, the streak abruptly halted, sending the pursuers straight past. The amorphous line slowed down enough to reveal the form of Sonic the Hedgehog. As soon as he had slowed to a stop, he immediately accelerated, now in pursuit of his pursuers. He caught up with the huge robots and jumped on one of them.
“Knock, knock!” Sonic said, playfully rapping on the metal skull of the ‘bot. The robot turned his head around to see nothing there. He turned back to the path he was burning across, only to immediately crash into a tree. Embers and debris flew into the forest, and dissipated.
“Tsk, tsk. He should have kept his eyes on the road, not on his passengers.” Sonic was sitting on top of another robot, leisurely lying across its shoulders. The new robot attempted to swat him off, only to hit thin air. This momentarily threw it off balance, giving Sonic the opportunity to kick the robot into the ground. Glass shattered and metal tore. The two remaining droids slowed down to see the remains of their fallen brothers.
“Tragic, isn't it. And they were such good badniks, weren't they?” The two robots looked up to see Sonic sitting on a tree branch, sniffing a rose. He looked down at the duo of droids.
“You might be able to see the funeral ol’ Baldy McNosehair might hold for those two.” The ‘bots responded by firing their lasers at Sonic, one cutting the branch he was sitting on, and the other toasting the rose. Sonic landed on his feet.
“Wow! I mean, just wow! Ol’ Doc Eggy built a foursome of robots designed to kill me, and they can't even hit me when I'm sitting still at point-blank? Shows how well the doc built you.” The robots started opening fire again.
“Oh, did I offend you? No regrets here!” And with that said, Sonic kicked their legs out from under them, and promptly spin-dashed the pair to pieces.
“I wish they’d put up a better fight, tho’.” Sonic began walking home, only to hear a loud screech. A holographic image of Dr Eggman appeared from the rear end of a destroyed robot.
“You may have defeated my robots, but you haven't defeated me! My Hyper EggRobo has Tails in its grasp behind an impenetrable force field, and I will only deactivate it if you deliver the Seven Chaos Emeralds to me. Happy Hunting!”

“Tails!” shouted Sonic. He immediately shot of to Eggmanland, promptly utilizing the pre-gathered Chaos Emeralds, and turning into Super Sonic. He boosted into the shield where Tails and Eggman awaited him.

Fan Art by Pia C.

Pia told Wavelength that this piece was inspired by Adventure Zone and a elf wizard named Taako. He always reminded me of the type of guy that would love pink and gold jewelry.

Hermione by Winter H.

Fan Art by Isabella F-M

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

March Contest 2017

by Rhianna K.

By Miranda K.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Art Finalists

Writing Finalists

Inspire by Luella W.

one little word

[lowercase intended]

verb (used with object), inspired, inspiring.
to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence:
His courage inspired his followers.

for the new year:

i want to be inspired.

to have the words from my head course through my blood, pouring from my fingers onto the page.
to create art, using the twenty-six letters i learned at a young age to make something beautiful.
to take one word, quote, or phrase from someone’s brain and, make it blossom into something new.
to fly, soaring through the skies of imagination with nothing holding me down, free.

i want to be inspired.

i want to inspire.

to be able to create messages that will affect at least a few people on this planet.
to have the power to make people laugh, cry, frown, and smile at my words.
to love and to be loved, for what i do and what i create, for who i really am.
to set a flame afire in other’s hearts, then watch it flicker and burn, making something amazing in the process.

i want to inspire.

End by Zoe T.

Everything has a deadline,
An expiration date.
That moment where it all
Just stops.

Every story has a breaking point,
That moment when it reaches its climax,
And everything changes.

And every story
Has its end.

The world,
And all its little creatures,
Will all have their final finish,
The grand finale to the series of life.
The culmination of chapters and chapters
Of hard work,
Millennia of painstaking labour
Coming to that one last resolution.

The end will come soon.
That final page will be read,
And completed,
And forgotten,
All in a moment’s notice.

We can only yearn
That the author will one day grant us
With one final act,
One glorious epilogue that puts the audience at peace,
One last chance,
To make it all okay.
And leave a seed
Of hope,
That the story will some day


Hope by Elizabeth D.

The gods gave her
And Curiosity

Sent her down to earth
With a box
As a present
For Epimetheus
And a punishment
For humanity

“Whatever you do,
Epimetheus, you poor fool.
You should have known better
Than to tell your wife

Pandora looked around.
Was he gone?
She opened the box
She screamed, knocked back by

They leave to wreak havoc
But when Pandora looked inside
And saw a thing with feathers
What was that?


If the evil spirits were a dark forest
With hungry beasts closing in
Hope would be a fire
Keeping them back
All the time
Humanity would be feeding that fire
But only if they choose to

Couldn’t 2017 be the year of

Feeding the flame of hope?

Happiness by Reese F.

Smile--The task is simple.
The corner of your lips will move up.
Your eyes will brighten.
You will look happy.
You WILL be happy.
You MUST be happy.
Smile, because you can’t be without it.
Smile, because all that you are
All that you ever will be
Is a smile.
A happy face
And a smile.
Smile and don’t let anyone in.
Smile and don’t let the downpour of life crush your soul
A longing look leaves without meaning
Romances end
The world rushes down, and you cannot be found.
You are stuck in a mask, an endless world of positivity and smiles.
Always smile.
YOu will never be let out.
It is not ok to be unhappy.
It is not ok to leave a room disgusted
Or storm out in fury.
It is not ok to feel misery
Pain is unacceptable.
That’s all you need to do.


Headstrong by Charlotte M.

A new year
full of change
awaits us all.
But to encompass that change
in a “resolution”
which is but words,
words words words
paper-thin and two-week-lasting words
can only struggle
to fill
my canyon of possibility.

A single word, perhaps
one to flood my hopes
with substance and tangibility,
one word to cling to
to cherish
to worship and to bind
to my new and ready soul
of the awaiting year.

Headstrong is the one,
the one I’ve chosen
to behold in its humble glory
throughout the year.
It means to be strong-willed and stubborn,
tough and gritty and determined.

I'd like to imagine Headstrong as a person, a spirit.
I imagine them to have a gravelly voice
with skin rough like sand
and eyes so full of fire
they'd never need matches.
They'd be independent
and strong,
know what they want
and not stop until
they've achieved it.
They would not know
what it is to “get”;
only the concept of earning,
no “failure”
just a brief stagnation
in success,
no “quit”
only a calm pause to breathe
before trying again
and again
and again.

This year
Headstrong will inspire me
and hopefully

become me.