Tuesday, February 28, 2017

March Contest 2017

by Rhianna K.

By Miranda K.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Art Finalists

Writing Finalists

Inspire by Luella W.

one little word

[lowercase intended]

verb (used with object), inspired, inspiring.
to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence:
His courage inspired his followers.

for the new year:

i want to be inspired.

to have the words from my head course through my blood, pouring from my fingers onto the page.
to create art, using the twenty-six letters i learned at a young age to make something beautiful.
to take one word, quote, or phrase from someone’s brain and, make it blossom into something new.
to fly, soaring through the skies of imagination with nothing holding me down, free.

i want to be inspired.

i want to inspire.

to be able to create messages that will affect at least a few people on this planet.
to have the power to make people laugh, cry, frown, and smile at my words.
to love and to be loved, for what i do and what i create, for who i really am.
to set a flame afire in other’s hearts, then watch it flicker and burn, making something amazing in the process.

i want to inspire.

End by Zoe T.

Everything has a deadline,
An expiration date.
That moment where it all
Just stops.

Every story has a breaking point,
That moment when it reaches its climax,
And everything changes.

And every story
Has its end.

The world,
And all its little creatures,
Will all have their final finish,
The grand finale to the series of life.
The culmination of chapters and chapters
Of hard work,
Millennia of painstaking labour
Coming to that one last resolution.

The end will come soon.
That final page will be read,
And completed,
And forgotten,
All in a moment’s notice.

We can only yearn
That the author will one day grant us
With one final act,
One glorious epilogue that puts the audience at peace,
One last chance,
To make it all okay.
And leave a seed
Of hope,
That the story will some day


Hope by Elizabeth D.

The gods gave her
And Curiosity

Sent her down to earth
With a box
As a present
For Epimetheus
And a punishment
For humanity

“Whatever you do,
Epimetheus, you poor fool.
You should have known better
Than to tell your wife

Pandora looked around.
Was he gone?
She opened the box
She screamed, knocked back by

They leave to wreak havoc
But when Pandora looked inside
And saw a thing with feathers
What was that?


If the evil spirits were a dark forest
With hungry beasts closing in
Hope would be a fire
Keeping them back
All the time
Humanity would be feeding that fire
But only if they choose to

Couldn’t 2017 be the year of

Feeding the flame of hope?

Happiness by Reese F.

Smile--The task is simple.
The corner of your lips will move up.
Your eyes will brighten.
You will look happy.
You WILL be happy.
You MUST be happy.
Smile, because you can’t be without it.
Smile, because all that you are
All that you ever will be
Is a smile.
A happy face
And a smile.
Smile and don’t let anyone in.
Smile and don’t let the downpour of life crush your soul
A longing look leaves without meaning
Romances end
The world rushes down, and you cannot be found.
You are stuck in a mask, an endless world of positivity and smiles.
Always smile.
YOu will never be let out.
It is not ok to be unhappy.
It is not ok to leave a room disgusted
Or storm out in fury.
It is not ok to feel misery
Pain is unacceptable.
That’s all you need to do.


Headstrong by Charlotte M.

A new year
full of change
awaits us all.
But to encompass that change
in a “resolution”
which is but words,
words words words
paper-thin and two-week-lasting words
can only struggle
to fill
my canyon of possibility.

A single word, perhaps
one to flood my hopes
with substance and tangibility,
one word to cling to
to cherish
to worship and to bind
to my new and ready soul
of the awaiting year.

Headstrong is the one,
the one I’ve chosen
to behold in its humble glory
throughout the year.
It means to be strong-willed and stubborn,
tough and gritty and determined.

I'd like to imagine Headstrong as a person, a spirit.
I imagine them to have a gravelly voice
with skin rough like sand
and eyes so full of fire
they'd never need matches.
They'd be independent
and strong,
know what they want
and not stop until
they've achieved it.
They would not know
what it is to “get”;
only the concept of earning,
no “failure”
just a brief stagnation
in success,
no “quit”
only a calm pause to breathe
before trying again
and again
and again.

This year
Headstrong will inspire me
and hopefully

become me.

Grow by Molly L.

grow like a tree
dig roots
into the ground
plant yourself
stand firm
tall like a tree
up from the ground
away from your roots
challenge yourself
to the sky
taller than the clouds
let your branches unfold
sprout leaves
each one a figment
of personality
so detailed
proud to be
who you are
who I am
look where I am
grown so far
from my roots
that will forever remain
a part of me
but not all
I will not be defined by only my roots
but by what I am
as a whole
who I've become
what I have grown
to be-
just a small sprout
still growing
still changing
still stretching
still learning
how to be
strong bold beautiful
like a tree
I will get there
one day
but first
I must


Grind by Eugene L.

The grind
It doesn't stop
The only time it stops
Is when I drop
Ill drop to the floor before I end my grind
My grind will end when there's something new to find
My grind will stop when I cease to give my best
My grind will stop with the rise and fall of my chest
You see
You think ball stops off the court
It's nothing of that sort
5:00 a.m. To 12 a.m.
Every day I'm gaining
12:00 a.m. To 5:00 a.m.
I'm still prayin’
People say I can't see the scoreboard
People say I should just make math my strong core
People say I'm never gonna make it
That I don't have what it takes
That because my eyes are small
I have no power to create
That, because I look different than you
I will never accomplish my dreams
Even my own mom says,
“Maybe there other dreams you should see”
That I'll never have any opportunities
That all my dreams will sink
And even on the court
People call me a “chink”
And I'm not going to lie to you
I've been quite a bust
But all that's taught me
Is I need to trust
There a process for everything and growth is gradual
And I keep praying even in all this heat I can be casual
But grinding by itself is not the recipe for success
Faith is the key to progress
Faith that God has a plan
Faith that's he's working on something bigger
Faith that He’ll mold me into a man
There's more to the game than hard work and grind
There's faith and that has to work all the time
Like I said, on and off the court
My character still stands
I'm me on the hardwood
And I'll still be me even without all the brands
I still have to eat right, sleep right, and work right
I still have to make memories with people that are just my type
So for all those who say I'm never going to make it
Even you mom
Keep digging that pit
Cause I'll keep on grinding out here
This ball I'll continue to pound
So that all I can hear from you
Is static in the background
So yea, I'll never stop
I may be Asian
But that ball continues to drop
And year after year you telling me I suck,
it's just a waste of your time
Cause while you making background noise

I'm still on my grind